The Podunk Poets

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Yes, they do make music like they use to….

The Podunk Poets draw heavily on the past to recreate the nearly lost, but still iconic, male/female country music duo. Kelly Kidd and Cindy Jollotta sing a blend of original and covers that draws upon the struggles of everyday life (important now more than ever!), the joys of love, the victories of the little man, and the humor that can be found in all the above.

While their music is clearly classified as classic country, it incorporates all the elements that get the audience moving: Swing, Rock-A-Billy and even a bit of 60’s for good measure. Basically, it’s down home with uptown style.

The Podunk Poets are back with a small revved up hot rod combo that consists of Doug Carrion and Kevin Widener on bass and drums with D. Troy Castro and Jake Kelly on guitars.

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Location:Netherlands, NL 

Artist Name:EPICA

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Band Members:Simone Simons: Vocals, Mark Jansen: Grunts, Screams, Guitars, Isaac Delahaye: Guitars, Yves Huts: Bass Guitars, Coen Janssen: Synths and Piano, Ariën van Weese

Genres:Metal / Gothic Metal / Hard Rock

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