Like A Storm

Like A Storm signal a new horizon for hard rock. Originally from New Zealand, brothers Chris, Matt and Kent Brooks blast, bruise and bludgeon with rock n’ roll that’s meant to be blared loud and live. Known for their insane work ethic, 2012 was Like A Storm’s biggest year yet. They shot and released their first live DVD, “Southern Skies-Unplugged in New Zealand”, produced their sophomore effort, “Chaos Theory Part 1”, made their debut U.S. TV appearances, countless radio performances, released a video for “Never Surrender”, shot a live CD/DVD, and played over 200 shows- traveling over 200,000 miles all across the U.S. They capped the year off with their highly successful first ever 15 date National Headline Tour, in which two shows sold out. Renowned for their incredible live show, and the amount of time they devote to their fans, Like A Storm have rapidly grown into self-sustainable, national touring act.

Shinedown, Creed, Alter Bride, Staind, Seether, Three Days Grace, Puddle of Mudd, Drowning Pool, Skillet, Hoobastank, Saliva and more.

Broken Silence - Athens, TX

Addiction, death, revenge, hate, and love all take center stage in a narrative that is being written more with every show and every day of life. With John on vocals, Tony on guitar, Terry on drums and Tommy on bass they have fused frustration and creativity into a motion that will have bodies moving. Melody and metal meet for a sound that is sweeping Texas. 
Staying true to their mission, Broken Silence continues to entertain and impress live music fans with their own version of original hard rock. 
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R.I.S.K. On Da Disk

A native band hailing from Tulsa,OK., Risk On Da Disk is a Reggae/Hip Hop fusion that formed in 2010. The all original music moves with a positive flow from thought-provoking lyrics that harken back to old school Hip Hop, mashed up with melodic bluesy guitar leads. A wide array of musical influences allow R.I.S.K. to have no boundaries when it comes to their vision. …On this road to glory, every scar I have tells it’s own story…

The Podunk Poets

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Yes, they do make music like they use to….

The Podunk Poets draw heavily on the past to recreate the nearly lost, but still iconic, male/female country music duo. Kelly Kidd and Cindy Jollotta sing a blend of original and covers that draws upon the struggles of everyday life (important now more than ever!), the joys of love, the victories of the little man, and the humor that can be found in all the above.

While their music is clearly classified as classic country, it incorporates all the elements that get the audience moving: Swing, Rock-A-Billy and even a bit of 60’s for good measure. Basically, it’s down home with uptown style.

The Podunk Poets are back with a small revved up hot rod combo that consists of Doug Carrion and Kevin Widener on bass and drums with D. Troy Castro and Jake Kelly on guitars.

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Location:Netherlands, NL 

Artist Name:EPICA

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Band Members:Simone Simons: Vocals, Mark Jansen: Grunts, Screams, Guitars, Isaac Delahaye: Guitars, Yves Huts: Bass Guitars, Coen Janssen: Synths and Piano, Ariën van Weese

Genres:Metal / Gothic Metal / Hard Rock

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